When Should I Schedule Service? Trust Your Instincts and Cater To Your Luxury Vehicle Needs


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There will come a time when you Lexus model requires essential services or possible repairs. But when should you service your vehicle? We make life simple for our customers, and when you visit our service center here in West Kendall, our service teams keep track of your vehicle model in our system which notifies us when your vehicle is due for service. However, here are some factors to look out for in the case you think your vehicle requires service or repairs.

It is wise to turn down your music now and then to listen to the engine, brakes, or undercarriage of your vehicle. Listen for any rattling, abnormal engine sounds, whining, or squeaking in the brakes when you are coming to a stop. Feel for any unusual rumbling in the pedals of your vehicle when driving on the highway. Another helpful tip for judging your alignment or tire tread is to notice any pulling or jerking when you are driving straight in your lane. If you notice any noises or feel any differences in the performance of your vehicle, it is essential to take care of these issues before they become significant problems further down the road.

We make your auto service visit a breeze, and our certified technicians know the ins and outs of your vehicle and are on standby to cater to your car's every need. We want to ensure the long-lasting performance and value of your Lexus model, and if you're searching for expert car service and repair in Miami, our service center is a fantastic choice for receiving timely and professional service. Visit us today or schedule with our team by calling (833) 374.8803. We look forward to serving you, and we'll see you soon!


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