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We offer all car buyers a simple and transparent process with easy lease and financing plans. As a Lexus authorized center, we have a wide selection of Lexus used cars, Lexus L/Certified vehicles. We are Miami’s destination for premium Lexus pre-owned vehicles. Lexus is known for crafting luxury vehicles to the highest standards of precision. Lexus vehicles are luxurious, high-performance machines but they are also made reliable to last for generations. That is what sets Lexus used vehicles apart from just about anything else on the road. No other luxury brands focus more on long-term reliability, and that is what makes our Lexus used car inventory one of the most searched in Miami.

Miami car buyers can benefit from exceptional savings when shopping Lexus low-mileage lease returns when compared to new vehicle MSRP. We also offer one of Miami’s best used car selections offering a wide variety of affordable used cars and off-brand pre-owned vehicles from Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Volvo and more. Extended mileage warranty and maintenance programs help make buying a used car the smart choice for savvy shoppers looking to save money on their purchase. Extended warranty programs reduce the risk of costly repairs and help owners take advantage of substantial saving when purchasing a used car.

Our Lexus sales team can work with you to determine the amount of warranty protection you require, and find the best fit for your used car budget. Financing a used car and obtaining a used car loan is simple with an array of lenders available. Lexus Financial Services offers a full menu of customizable finance terms with low down payment and highly competitive interest rates. In addition to Lexus finance options, we also work with a wide-selection of several dozen lenders of all sizes to help customers with specific credit needs. We will help you determine the best used car loan, and the best payment option that fits your needs.

We were built on a simple foundation: to deliver on every customer expectation, one customer at a time. The entire team at Lexus of West Kendall is dedicated to deliver on that promise, setting ourselves to a higher standard. You have many choices when buying a new car in Miami. One thing is certain: we appreciate the opportunity you have given us. We will drive on, doing everything we can to meet your expectations. One customer at a time.

Lexus used cars

Lexus used cars in Miami

Miami used car shoppers gain more luxury at value in Lexus sedans

Pre-owned Lexus sedans make great options for Miami used car buyers looking for a premium sedan at a great price. Lexus offers a selection of sedans for all sizes and driving styles including the Lexus IS sport sedan, Lexus ES mid-size sedan, Lexus GS grand touring sport sedan and the unmistakable Lexus LS luxury flagship. Each boasts an extensive list of safety, technology and performance accolades that rival anything from BMW or Mercedes-Benz. Lexus competitors make viable options in the new car showroom, but down the road the exceptional quality of the Lexus sedans really begin to shine. As a lease return center for all Lexus vehicles, you are bound to find hundreds of Lexus sedans to fit your tastes and more importantly, your budget. We have the right Lexus at the right price. The Lexus pre-owned department is a great place to start your shopping process.

Lexus Sedans

Lexus used SUV

Lexus used SUV in Miami

Do all Miami has to offer in a premium SUV and save compared to new Lexus MSRP

Lexus practically invented the luxury SUV segment with the introduction of the Lexus RX and the word has been playing catch-up ever since. Lexus offers a full array of premium Sport Utility Vehicles in the urban-oriented Lexus UX, crossover Lexus NX, mid-size Lexus RX and GX, and full-size Lexus LX. We have a selection of five and seven passenger configurations to perfectly fit your passenger and cargo hauling needs.

Consider shopping for a Lexus L/Certified SUV to get the most out of your vehicle purchase and protect your investment for miles ahead. Every Certified vehicle is fully reconditioned to factory specifications at the start, and an extensive warranty program to protect you for possible repairs in the future. All Lexus vehicles are designed for years of ownership, and the Lexus SUV line-up is the example. Each showcasing a list of quality accolades and awards on their own, the Lexus brand prides itself in long-term quality and luxury that lasts. That is why Miami used car shoppers turn to Lexus when buying luxury pre-owned. In Lexus you have a safe investment.

Lexus SUV

Pre-Owned Lexus Sedans

Lexus IS used cars

Lexus IS

Value, luxury and performance for car buyers in Miami

The Lexus IS is one of Miami’s most popular luxury vehicles on the road. You can drive the streets of Coral Gables, Doral or Pinecrest and you will see the Lexus IS badge just about everywhere you look. Few other vehicles offer the scale of value and performance the IS delivers. That is why so many Miami car shoppers look to the Lexus IS when leasing a new vehicle. But shopping for a pre-owned vehicle is where the Lexus IS stands out from the crowd on or CarGurus. Nothing comes close in terms for value for your money.

Lexus offers a highly competitive value proposition when comparing the IS sedan to its rival competition from Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Audi. When you compare the initial value and add the legendary Lexus reputation for reliability, it makes the Lexus IS an easy decision when trying to get the most for your money.

Lexus of West Kendall has a vast selection of used Lexus IS lease returns, with the majority having very low miles and in exceptional like-new showroom condition. View one of our pre-owned Lexus IS models online and click on our photos to take a closer look. The differences between a new Lexus and our Lexus pre-owned are hard to tell. What is clear, is the value they present in savings to used car buyers.

Lexus IS

Lexus ES used cars

Lexus ES

Tour Miami in luxury in one of the best used car values on the road

Buying a new Lexus ES sedan is an incredible value, already priced thousands below BMW 5 Series and Mercedes-Benz E Class rivals. But when you add the reputation for long-term reliability the decision to buy a Lexus ES used car stands out as an incredibly wise investment. In fact, the Lexus ES sedans are one of our most-popular models on CarGurus or AutoTrader. Luxury, safety, value and above all rock-solid reliability make the Lexus ES one of the best used car buys available to Miami car shoppers.

With more standard horsepower than BMW or Mercedes-Benz and a more comfortable, luxurious interior, Lexus ES used cars offer the luxury, safety and technology of more expensive vehicles at a low monthly payment to car buyers.

We have a large inventory of used Lexus ES models available to fit just about any budget. On the high-end we have almost-new Lexus executive demonstrators at substantial savings compared to new MSRP. These vehicles offer the bulk of the factory warranty and the latest model year in technology upgrades and connectivity. Our low-mileage lease returns offer an incredible value with discounts close to half off new car MSRP. Here is where the used car savings really begin to add up when buying a used car.

In addition to Lexus lease returns, we also have a wide selection of low priced Lexus ES value trades. These lower-priced Lexus ES sedans are popular for value shoppers or first-time buyers looking for Lexus quality and reliability at a very low cost of ownership compared to most import or even domestic cars. The Lexus ES delivers on value.

Lexus ES

Lexus used cars

Lexus GS

More performance and luxury for Miami used car buyers

The distinctive Lexus GS is one of our most-requested used cars in Miami. The Lexus GS separates itself from the Lexus IS and ES with a focus on performance and bold styling that is unique to the GS sedan.

Responsive transmission choices, performance-tuned engines and rear-wheel drive make the Lexus GS a thrill for Miami car buyers looking to stand out from the crowd. When you factor in Lexus world-renowned reliability, it makes the Lexus GS a truly unique used car value in a class all to itself.

But while many have seen the distinctive Lexus GS styling from the outside, the attention to Lexus craftsmanship can be truly seen from the inside of the cabin. Here is where the Lexus GS displays its attention to detail in full array. Used car buyers looking for a world-class luxury vehicle at an affordable value, the Lexus GS is a great choice.

Lexus GS

Lexus LS used cars

Lexus LS

For Miami used cars buyers looking for world-class luxury

The Lexus LS luxury sedan is the Lexus flagship that started the brand and one of the most technologically advanced vehicles on the road today. Miami car buyers look to the LS for its sports car-like design with low hood line and sleek profile. The interior refinement in the LS rivals all luxury vehicles and is an achievement to detail unto itself.

Lexus LS used cars offer Miami shoppers exceptional savings compared to new vehicle MSRP. World-class build quality and flawless craftsmanship make the Lexus LS sedans exceptional pre-owned vehicles at a more affordable payment range compared to new models. Each LS is unique, with an array of interior configurations available from year to year. The LS compares favorably to rival BMW 7 Series and Mercedes-Benz S Class sedans. Where it separates itself from the rest of the pack is Lexus’ exacting manufacturing process. Long-term reliability and elite luxury rarely meet, but in the Lexus LS they live equally in harmony.

Lexus LS

Pre-Owned Lexus SUV

used Lexus NX

Lexus NX

Miami’s most searched Lexus SUV is also a great buy

Lexus NX used vehicles are one of our most-popular vehicles sold on Miami car buyers look to the NX for its do-it-all around town nature. With passenger room for five adults plus cargo, the NX is a great choice for young adults and small families. Its unique and aggressive exterior styling offers distinction from the crowded SUV field with its own refined look. But don’t let the style fool you, the Lexus NX makes an incredibly affordable used SUV. In fact, we think it’s one of the best buys we have at our used car dealership.

With just the right size for passengers and cargo, the NX is a great driver’s car that also gets exceptionally good mileage whether in gas or hybrid. Miami shoppers will be pleased to compare the overall value of the Lexus NX to BMW X3, or Mercedes-Benz GLB. The Lexus NX delivers. When you add world-class reliability for which Lexus is known, the Lexus NX is the easy choice in the SUV segment.

Lexus of West Kendall has a large selection of Lexus NX models to fit any budget. To extend the value, consider L/Certified vehicles or an extended warranty or maintenance program to make your NX ownership more affordable and trouble-free for years.

Lexus NX

used Lexus RX

Lexus RX

From Doral to West Kendall, the Lexus RX is King of the Road

Lexus RX used vehicles are great buys regardless of your budget. The Lexus RX is one of Miami’s most-popular choices for buyers looking for comfort, safety and reliability in a luxury SUV. The Lexus RX doesn’t lead the segment, it created it. No other vehicle combines the balance of luxury with the exacting build-quality that makes the RX one of the best long-term values. We encourage all SUV buyers to test drive the RX. Despite its size and interior room, the Lexus RX offers a nimble feel on the road making it safe, easy and fun-to-drive.

Miami car buyers value the RX for its reliability, interior design and distinctive exterior styling. As a Lexus lease return center, Lexus of West Kendall has a large selection of used Lexus RX vehicles in stock. Lexus lease returns are one of the reasons Miami car buyers turn to us first. Buying a Lexus RX lease return is a great investment, giving shoppers a fully-reconditioned vehicle today, and one that is built to last for years ahead.

Lexus of West Kendall has a large selection of used Lexus RX SUVs in stock with pricing starting from the low $10,000 range and sometimes even lower with older mileage vehicles. Budget-friendly older vehicles make the RX a great choice for families or younger buyers looking to save more money for their car. Lexus initial build quality standards give used car shoppers the option of buying older models at a huge discount, and take advantage of the long-term reliability that Lexus offers. The Lexus RX delivers luxury built to last.

Lexus RX

used Lexus SUV

Lexus GX

Offering Miami SUV buyers true off-road pedigree wrapped in luxury

Pre-owned SUV shoppers in Miami put the Lexus GX on their shopping list for its list of luxury upgrades and comfortable seating for seven. As a full-size SUV, it is one of our most spacious options for large families or people who just want more interior room. What some buyers don’t know is that the Lexus GX is also an extremely capable all-terrain vehicle. The GX boasts the ground clearance, approach and descent angles and suspension travel that is geared, tuned and tested for the great outdoors (even if it’s just a trip to the Florida Keys). No matter what terrain or weather Miami has to offer, the Lexus GX can take you there confidently.

Lexus of West Kendall has a large selection of pre-owned Lexus GX models available, starting from affordable entry-level vehicles to pristine condition lease returns and executive demonstrators. Buyers may also consider L/Certified Lexus RX vehicles for the added assurance of extended warranty protection. Lexus Certification offers a thorough series of examinations and reconditioning processes intended to further extend the life of the vehicle and help ensure trouble-free ownership. And if something were to arise, the L/Certified warranty has you covered for the long haul.

Because of the incredible build quality offered by Lexus, used Lexus GX make great alternatives to other SUV models in its class from BMW, Mercedes-Benz. Long-term reliability is where the Lexus thrives and separates itself from the competitors. Few other vehicles (if any) come close. In the Lexus GX, buyer’s confidence comes standard.

Lexus GX

used Lexus LX

Lexus LX

For Miami SUV shoppers looking for true luxury and size

The LX is the Lexus flagship, boasting a long list of upgrades and technology options to rival anything on wheels. For Miami luxury car buyers looking to make a commanding statement, the Lexus LX delivers. Sophistication and style exude in the Lexus LX. Lexus LX vehicles are more hard to come by, and their scarcity makes them sell very quickly when they do.

The Lexus LX has few vehicles in its class that match it in terms of luxury and buying a pre-owned Lexus LX can save you substantially over the new vehicle MSRP. That can add up to big savings with a lower monthly payment on a premium luxury SUV. The attention to build quality and premium materials make the pre-owned Lexus LX a great choice for buyers looking for the ultimate full-sized luxury SUV. The lower selling price compared to new makes the used car option a logical choice.

Lexus LX